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Dating is communication between two or more people, a way of self-expression, expanding the circle of interests and friends, a way to find a friend for life.

In the modern world with its technical progress and developed technologies, it is possible to meet people "without leaving home" via the Internet. A common misconception about dating sites is that a) they are for the lazy; b) this is for losers.

Here are some of the most popular dating myths. It is these myths that are guided by the most timid of us, refusing new acquaintances, interesting dates and dooming ourselves to loneliness and sexual relations for one night.

Online dating myths

I don't need help to meet new people. And nobody helps you! Aren't you the masters of your life. The dating system is just a "system". It will only help you choose one of the paths. And all the threads of solving the problem are in your hands! Your right is to choose a narrow path and look for acquaintances only in your circle, or choose a wide road and look for a person all over the world.

Online dating is not safe. A new acquaintance is a new adventure. A person who longs to get to know the world, people, should hardly be afraid of pitfalls. Risk is a noble cause! He who does not take risks does not drink champagne! And on the internet, the risk is minimal if you have your head on your shoulders. Nobody asks you to get acquainted today, and tomorrow - to run to the registry office. You can find out everything about a person before getting to know each other. Talk to him about family, loved ones, about work, interests, look at the photo (preferably more than one). If you are still not sure, talk on the phone. You can remain anonymous invisible to a person to the end - you will open up whenever you want. If you don't want to, you just stop communicating.

Online dating is for complete losers. Another invention of the losers themselves. Let's find out who he is, the average dating user:
- age about 27-28 years;
- has a broad outlook, educated;
- has a stable income;
- strive to learn the unknown, and not sit in a bar, stupidly looking at the flies on the wall;
- refers to the Internet as a means of communication and one of the main means of communication;
- open to communication.
He can hardly be called a failure. Of course, this is an average statistic, but look at yourself in the mirror - are you really not like him? Age is not the same - it doesn't matter! If everything else is with you - go ahead, to the same as you, and luck will not pass by.

I meet new people all the time. And you don't think that this is your problem. If you are thinking about new acquaintances, then you do not have enough emotional communication and warmth. Constant communication with people at work, in life, obliges a person, makes him play his role. You smile, even if you don't want to, answer questions to avoid misunderstanding. Perhaps you are constantly in love and change partners like gloves - only this is not a real feeling. And this is also a burden ... Maybe you really need a person who does not know you by sight. Dating on the Internet makes it possible to find a friend with whom you can share without fear of being recognized, spat upon, or misunderstood. Besides, for people like you, online dating is a way to stop the moment and think about what is happening. After all, your future is in your hands and you shouldn't waste your life thoughtlessly!

There are only prostitutes on the Internet ... Where did you get this? If you are now sitting and reading this text, then to whom do you refer you? Most of the people who have the Internet are absolutely normal and, moreover, do not engage in prostitution. Don't confuse a decent dating site with a minute-long entertainment site. But it is worth considering when you register on any site. the internet is a big dump. There are many good things here, but many bad ones. Before registering, take a look at the appearance of the site, at its internal content. Don't feel trusted - don't register! There are many really nasty sites out there. Some specialize in taking brides abroad, some in recruiting people for porn videos, etc. Just don't mindlessly push the buttons.

Online love is not possible. Once again I want to remind you: "There are no boundaries for love!" You build borders and fortresses yourself. Is it really necessary to know a person by sight in order to love? After all, there is still a range of interests, general impressions, emotions, hobbies - everything that generates real relationships. All this can be clarified during the Internet dialogue. And love? Trust me! She will not keep you waiting, because a person whose soul is open to her will definitely wait in the wings. And the Internet is another way to bring it closer.

Only programmers get acquainted on the Internet, I have nothing in common with them. Well, first of all, programmers are people too, and they have a good income and, often, a wide range of knowledge. Second, the Internet has long ceased to be a haven for programmers alone. Nowadays, most people who buy computers are on the Internet. This is a kind of addition to telephone communications. In addition, dating sites make it possible to set selection criteria: by place of residence, horoscope, profession. Choose for yourself and for yourself! Choose wisely!

They constantly deceive me on the Internet - they don't call, although I give my phone ... But you need to be ready for this. No need to rush into the whirlpool headlong until the moment of meeting "eye to eye" Follow some simple rules and you can protect yourself from the attacks of scum:
- Never send money in order to make a gift or help a person get to you: if a person really wants to see you, then the financial side should not become an obstacle (you are not looking for additional problems in him).
- If you ask to send you several photos, and your friend does it with a break of several hours or days, and does not send the whole stack at once - beware, perhaps the person is not sending his photos or does a photomontage.
- You are talking to a person on a professional topic - ask him a couple of professional questions that are known to most people in this profession, but which the layman does not often understand. For this, you can ask the advice of a professional. Look at the answers - he knows the essence, so he is not lying. And even if he spins the question, and even in a direct mode of communication, it means he really loves and knows his profession, and, therefore, does not lie.
- A person from the first communication is looking for a meeting - be careful: a smart one is unlikely to rush without getting to know you better.
- If you give a phone number, it is better - a cell phone. A home phone can bring you a lot of trouble, especially if an obstinate fan (fan) does not want to stop communicating with you against your wishes. You can always change the SIM card in your cell phone.
- If, nevertheless, you were deceived, give up on this person and find yourself a new friend.

I'm not ready for a serious relationship yet. But this is not necessary on the Internet. You can just make friends and immediately warn that you are looking for a person to meet and communicate, and not for a serious relationship. There are many people like you on the Internet. People come here to find partners in communication, intimacy, hobbies, etc.

I will not be able to find a friend in my city to continue the relationship. Even if you live in a small town, do not despair. There are many known ways when people found acquaintances on the Internet, and then it turned out that they live in the same city, house, or even in the same entrance. This, first of all, depends on the fact that people, as a rule, have a small circle of acquaintances. In a big city, this problem is even more acute - people, living on the same landing, may not know each other for years. the Internet gives you freedom of communication, and by entering the selection criterion, you can limit the circle of communication to the region close to you.

It costs too much. How much do you estimate the acquisition of a new friend? Is the time spent on the Internet talking with good people less important to you than the time spent in a cafeteria. Make yourself a great coffee and talk to friends at home. The costs will be the same, and the pleasure gained from communicating with all the comforts will bring much more joy. Understand that you spend a lot of money in your life on trifles. Good friends are worth your investment, far more than the momentary pleasure of eating biscuit cakes ...

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