The most unusual fines

The most unusual fines

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Democracy does not always provide for complete freedom of action. Sophisticated legislation and bizarre situations give rise to rather unusual fines, the most unusual of which we will discuss below.

Unsuccessful blowing of your nose. One Englishman received a £ 60 fine. To prove this, a video was attached of how this driver, being in a traffic jam, took out a handkerchief and blew his nose. Michael Mancini explained that at that time he was on Aur High Street, and suddenly his nose was itching. The driver knew that his car was at neutral speed, moreover, it was fixed with a hand brake. This one could in no way be dangerous to others. But the policeman, who was nearby, suddenly began to give signs, demanding to pull off the road to the side of the road and park for a conversation. The surprised driver was immediately issued a fine for the incorrect behavior of the vehicle. The policeman's name was Stuart Gray, and he has already managed to become a local celebrity for being captious and verbal.

Unusual vehicle. Dennis Anderson continued to invent, even at an advanced age. An elderly man has created a motorized wheelchair from a powerful lawn mower and an ordinary chair. To give her comfort, Denis added headlights and a stereo radio there. The unusual carriage can accelerate up to 30 kilometers per hour, because eight horses "live" in the engine. Everything would have been limited to the admiration of the neighbors, but one day Dennis, after a gathering in a bar, lost control and rammed a standing car. The resourceful pensioner also injured his leg. The police officers who arrived at the scene of the accident ascertained the fact of alcoholic intoxication of the would-be driver. The daredevil, in addition to being deprived of his license for six months, received a £ 1200 fine. And the vehicle itself was confiscated. But the now legendary stroller can be purchased at a special state auction among other confiscated vehicles.

Excessive passion. 29-year-old Kerry Norris and her lover Adam Hinton had sex so loud that they tortured all neighbors with their moans and screams. Everything would be fine, but passionate lovers also shouted obscene phrases, while the headboard was mercilessly hammering against the wall, adding headaches to the neighbors. The couple was also tough, finishing their sex marathon only in the morning. In the end, the neighbors filed a complaint, as a result of which Kerry was fined. Respectable citizens told how a woman constantly makes noise and swears. One of the neighbors, Richard Powell, complained that the banging of the bed against the wall interfered with his sleep. His wife said that she had to move the children to another room, as they were disturbed by constant noise. Indignation was also caused by the fact that Adam loved to sunbathe naked in the garden, embarrassing his poor neighbors. The passionate lovers were sentenced to £ 300 in fines. Now they will have to either subdue their ardor, or spend money on soundproofing the bedroom.

Doubting Thomas. It turns out that sometimes just your own point of view, which is contrary to the generally accepted one, can cause a fine. This is exactly what happened with the former chairman of one of the radical Swiss parties. We were talking about Anne Frank's diary. This girl lived in Amsterdam, during the Second World War she ended up in a concentration camp, dying there on March 15, 1945, without waiting for release. The diary was later published, it caused a huge resonance - the strength of the little girl's spirit was so great that she was not afraid of the inhumanity of the fascists. But the young 22-year-old politician allowed himself in June 2009 to declare that the notes are a "Jewish lie." But not long before that, a comprehensive study of the diary was carried out, which confirmed its authenticity. The young impudent man was immediately fined 10 thousand dollars for public display of racism. His political career came to an end.

An outraged honor. In the Indian province of Madhya Pradesh, a woman named Vandana Gurjar filed for divorce from her husband, Hemant Chalotra. Among the reasons that prompted her to do this was the inability of her husband to sexually satisfy her. Hemant was generally indicated as impotent. Such an insulting accusation angered the man. He filed a response claim, accusing his wife of libel. The court took the side of the outraged man, obliging the ex-spouse to pay an amount of 200 thousand rupees (almost 3 thousand dollars). After all, such words humiliated the spouse, damaging his reputation in the eyes of other women. The amount of the fine for India is quite large, it exceeds the annual income of the vast majority of residents.

Innocent drinking of juice. The protagonist of this story was our compatriot, who in 2008 was imprisoned in Dubai just for drinking orange juice with her Lebanese companion. After all, local laws state that during the month of Ramadan you cannot eat or drink drinks during the day in public places. Poor violators were threatened with a fine of 2 thousand drachmas each, which equals $ 555, or a month in prison. In their defense, tourists could only say that they did not know about this local ban. This, in their opinion, should have relieved them of responsibility. However, the judge decided otherwise, however, having reduced the amount of the fine by half.

Incorrect baby name. In 1991, Elisabeth Hallin and Lasse Diving protested against one of the Swedish laws. In this country, it was forbidden to give children names that were not on the approved list. Thus, "wrong" names were not allowed. The couple went to principle, calling their son "Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116". For this they were fined 5,000 kronor (about $ 680). In the family, the boy is called quite decently - "Albin". But the name chosen for official documents allowed the parents to express their opinion and a creative outlook on life. True, the harsh Swedish judges did not pity such an attitude, the law strongly suggested that the child be picked up by another name. The parents proposed to fix a name for the boy from one letter - "A", but here the judge replied that such short names are also prohibited. As a result, the boy was given the normal name Albin Khalin. Parents, champions of freedom, probably forgot to think about how a boy with his unusual name will have to live.

Over speed. The penalty for such an act seems to us common. We have it so often. However, the amount of the fine is impressive - 650 thousand euros! One might think that the driver was racing at the speed of light, once he was fined more than half a million. The police were able to record how a Mercedes SLS AMG swept past them at a speed of 289 kilometers per hour. The cost of the car, by the way, "only" 140 thousand euros. The 37-year-old driver exceeded the permissible standards three times, losing not only a significant amount, but also his driving license. Such a huge amount of the fine is due to the fact that, according to local laws, it is influenced not only by the speed itself, but also by the driver's income level. In this case, wealth played a cruel joke with its owner. In justification, the driver blamed the broken speedometer for everything, which prevented him from realistically assessing the speed of the car.

Illegal immigrants. This story for America turned out to be fantastic, although for our reality it would be a common occurrence. Golden Fence built a fence between Mexico and the American city of San Diego. Suddenly it turned out that among the workers there are many illegal immigrants. It turns out that an American company building a fence to prevent illegal Mexicans from entering the country used them for construction work. The first inspection, carried out in 1999, revealed irregularities in the recruitment of workers. The company gave an oath of assurance that this would not happen again, but in 2004 and 2005 it turned out that at least a third of its employees were in the country illegally. The fine for impudent use of cheap labor was $ 5 million.

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