The most unusual diets

The most unusual diets

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The short word "diet" has a depressing effect on most food lovers. It is not surprising that many people choose pleasure over slimness.

In fact, even such a dull case as getting rid of excess weight can be approached with creativity and spark. Let's talk about 10 of the most unusual diets that will turn a grueling activity into a fun process.

Japanese banana diet. Often people, in pursuit of career success, simply forget to monitor themselves and their weight. So it happened with the Tokyo banker Hitoshi Watanabe, who, along with a high post, acquired body fat. However, his friend Sumiko came to the rescue of the Japanese and recommended a simple recipe - for tomorrow you should eat a few bananas (important - unripe!), And wash them down with plain water at room temperature. The girl, being a pharmacist by training, developed such a recipe herself. Sumiko believes that this combination can significantly speed up metabolism. Observing such a diet, according to the Japanese, you can afford any food for lunch and dinner. The success of the diet was so great that it spread to the United States and is now conquering Europe. The secret of the diet is that unripe bananas are very rich in unstable starches, which act as a sponge in the intestines, absorbing or sweeping away everything unnecessary there. As a result, fat burns 30% faster compared to traditional methods.

Egg diet. Initially, this diet spread in Hollywood, it is not surprising that it was then adopted by ordinary people. After all, everyone wants to be like the stars, using, among other things, their methods of dealing with weight. In the course of such a diet, a person's diet is not aimed at absorbing exclusively eggs - it also includes various foods with a high protein content. The advantage of this diet is constant satiety - eggs are not considered a diet food. For the egg diet, the regimen is very important, it is believed that in 2 weeks of hard work on your diet, you can lose 5-7 kilograms. However, it would be better to first consult a doctor, because unpleasant consequences are possible - increased cholesterol, allergy to eggs, deterioration of hair, skin, nails.

Sperm Diet. This interesting diet was developed by model and porn actress Kim Kelly. By the nature of her piquant work, she was engaged in oral sex on the set, receiving several tens of grams of protein daily. In order not to be completely exhausted, Kim ate milkshakes and broccoli. In 2002, the actress decided to drastically lose weight. To do this, she chose a method that is quite familiar to her, moreover, with the opportunity to become even more famous. She decided to eat only sperm at all. For a whole month of a daring experiment, the cameras watched what was happening. Formally, this food is called the liquid protein diet. However, Kim also drank banana juice, as she was still afraid for her health. Despite the refusal of the main sponsor to participate an hour before filming, Kim still continued what she had begun. She was able to hold out for only 8 days and lost about 2 kilograms during this time. After that, the shooting costs became painfully high, and the experiment had to be stopped. Kim wanted to continue losing weight in New York, especially since she received an offer from more than 3,000 men interested in supporting her experiences. Naturally, each candidate was tested for STDs. As a result, it is estimated that Kim ate about 40 servings of semen in 8 days, which was only about 300 calories. In order to satisfy the body's needs for energy, sperm, despite the high content of useful and nutritious substances in it, would have to be drunk in liters, which is not possible. So continuing the diet would most likely end badly.

The sleeping beauty diet. Someone decided that the very fact of her dream accompanied the beauty and harmony of the sleeping princess. So the idea arose "When I am not awake, I do not eat." With this method, at the same time, you can successfully fight chronic sleep deprivation. This technique differs from most exotic ones in that it has a scientific basis. After all, it has been proven that long and healthy sleep regulates the balance of the hormones of hunger and satiety, keeping appetite within the required limits. However, you should be careful, because sleeping pills can become a staple food. The diet gained fame after 1976, when Elvis Presley was engaged in it. However, he could not defeat the weight.

Wonderful cookies. This diet was developed by Dr. Sanford Segal and encourages the active eating of cookies. However, do not rush to rejoice and switch to a new diet. After all, not just any cookie will do, but only the special "The Hollywood Cookie Diet". The doctor is sure that such a product is able to suppress appetite and start weight loss mechanisms in the body. To get the desired results, Segal recommends eating a minimum of 6 cookies daily, which will provide the body with 1200 calories. The diet also provides for drinking about one and a half liters of clean water, and poultry or seafood should certainly be served for dinner. Although they are fortified with fiber, protein, minerals and vitamins, cookies are unlikely to replace a nutritious diet. Besides, eating one cookie is boringly boring.

Diet with animal feed. American actor Adam Scott decided not to waste his priceless life cooking, while spending half his life in supermarkets. He introduced himself to the diet of the only dish - food for monkeys. After all, such granulated food is enriched with useful substances. At the same time, the man himself does not yet know what his experiment will lead to. Perhaps, instead of losing weight, he will be able to acquire superhuman strength, and perhaps he will simply go crazy. In any case, Adam sees the benefit of not having to cook anything and thinking about how many calories in which dish. Nevertheless, after 5 days of such a diet, the man began to have problems with digestion.

Sun-eating. Such a diet is also called Breterian, because in the United States there is even such an institution that promotes such ideas. Some fanatical nutritionists believe that simply absorbing the rays of the sun, air and water is enough to maintain life in the human body. Refusal to eat generally grants the shortest path to immortality. But this theory has noticeably shaken after the death in the 90s of several of its adherents, who simply could not bear the lack of water and nutrients. Today, therefore, a milder option is being promoted, which allows water or herbal tea to be consumed along with sunbathing. As a result, even the founder of the Bretarian Institute, Wylie Brooks, admitted that eating "exclusively with sun and air" still requires breaks for hamburgers and Diet Coke for energy balance.

Diet "Shangri La". The main idea of ​​this technique is to take a teaspoon of olive oil or a glass of sweetened water an hour before a full meal. Despite the seemingly haphazard plan, it was developed by the specialist, physiologist and psychologist Seth Roberts. I must say that such a diet really works! After all, this method allows you to normalize your appetite, as a result, you can already eat with less food. The author of the idea promises that no calorie calculations or restrictions and prohibitions in the choice of food will be required. You just need to accustom yourself to eat less. Shangri La is based on flavor associations. Indeed, when consuming fragrant foods, the brain itself stimulates the appearance of hunger, which ultimately leads to excess weight. But if the food is tasteless, then the body believes that it should starve. Roberts believes that water or oil contains the necessary calories, while their taste will discourage the desire to eat. You should also eat foods with unfamiliar smells, the aroma can be changed with the help of spices. The scientist tested his theory on himself. He drank several hundred tasteless calories every day and almost immediately lost his hunger, starting to eat 1 time in 2 days. Wellness was reinforced by training, as a result, the tester was able to lose 14 kilograms in 3 months, Roberts maintained such a weight for 5 years.

Diet according to the Bible. This technique is also called the Creator's diet. It permits the use of any fruit that God has created for his slaves. In addition to fruits and vegetables, the diet is based on nuts and beans. In fact, the diet is a form of vegetarianism, it just has a religious component. The creator of the diet, the Reverend George Malkmus, believes that all animals of animal origin should be excluded except honey. It is also assumed that 80% of the food should be raw. The preacher himself announced that such a diet helped him get rid of rectal cancer, but he did not present any evidence. Experts are skeptical about such ideas, for example, the absorption of raw milk is a throwback to an agricultural society.

Diet lip gloss. As any nutritionist will tell you, taste on the lips translates into weight on the thighs. To solve this problem is called "Fuze Slenderize" lip gloss from the American company "Too Faced", which contains enzymes that accelerate metabolism and reduce appetite. Also, the special ingredient Super Citrimax prevents the conversion of carbohydrates into fat. This natural herbal complex "tricks" the body, preventing it from creating excess reserves "for a rainy day." The composition of cosmetics includes chromium, which serves as a catalyst for metabolic processes and carnitine, which gives additional strength. A similar composition is used in the preparation of juices for athletes. As a result, lip gloss is available in a wide range of colors, there is a choice of 3 flavors. The pleasure costs only about 15 dollars.

Omnipotence. The French showman Lotito was able to make a real show out of his food. "Mister Allied" absorbs rubber, metal and glass. Food is supplied to him by bicycles, cars, televisions and even planes. Lotito was able to completely digest "Cesna-150" in 2 years. Such a mode of life allows a man to make excellent money, besides, he absolutely does not experience any problems with digestion, although he even consumed poisonous substances. To eat such food, the Frenchman first takes inside a portion of mineral oil, and he drinks the details themselves with food. But ordinary bananas and eggs are not to his taste. It is estimated that from 1959 to 1997, Lotito ate about a ton of metal.

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