The most unusual bikinis

The most unusual bikinis

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Gone are the days when a trip to the sea or to warm countries was an important event in life. In addition, we must remember that people go to the beach not only to swim and sunbathe.

Some girls strive to bathe in attention and other people's views. Only for this you need to first tighten your figure in the gym and buy some unusual swimsuit. Our story will be about the most original bikinis.

Micro bikini. It has long been clear that the purpose of a bikini is not so much to hide the spicy parts of the figure as to show it. If earlier it seemed that nothing could be more indecent than thongs, now there are quite bold swimwear. One of their varieties is called micro bikini. It is actually a smaller-than-normal split swimsuit, along with the same tiny bikini panties. For girls in this outfit, fans just line up. This is not surprising, because each sharp movement leads to the fact that these ribbons-ropes strive to slide and finally reveal piquant places. One can argue for a long time about the practicality of such a bikini. Nevertheless, there is still a benefit, and at the same time tangible. Not only will all the men on the beach pay attention to the girl, but also the tan will become very even, without large white areas on the dark skin. If a girl has a good figure and is also ready to show off her, then such a micro-bikini is worth buying.

Extreme bikini. Some girls are ready to open their bodies as much as possible. Micro-bikini seems too puritanical to them. Then there is an option for them - an extreme bikini. Such a bathing suit is completely beyond the limits of openness. This name of the bikini was not for nothing, because only extreme women can wear it. A swimsuit is simply a set of several strings, between which small pieces of fabric can be located. At the same time, these strings pass along the folds of the skin so that they only favorably emphasize the appetizing forms. There is no need to talk about covering anything here. The ropes dig where it is simply indecent to bite, exposing those places that decent girls usually try to hide as much as possible. Extreme bikini is not suitable for visiting an ordinary beach - the Puritans will certainly throw a scandal. But for a private party on some exotic secluded island, such a swimsuit will be just right. Only in this case it is necessary to observe simple conditions - to be in shape. Otherwise, on a blurry figure, such an extreme outfit will look vulgar, tasteless and simply defiant.

Swimsuit "Monokini". There is a way out for those girls who want to stand out on the beach, but natural constraint does not allow them to turn to extreme options. A monokini swimsuit was created especially for them. It combines fashion trends in the manufacture of such clothes, but they also remain rather closed. Such a swimsuit has a lot in common with a closed version, just in this case, modern trends in beachwear are followed. In a monokini, the top connects with a low fancy way. It is no coincidence that this variety is always among the most fashionable swimwear, flashing on the pages of glamorous magazines. When creating such a bikini, the designers did not limit themselves in fantasies. And so the incredibly beautiful variations turned out. Although pulling on such a swimsuit and then wearing it is not so easy. But the monokini is perfect for women of age who can look fashionable thanks to it.

Sheer bikinis. And yet, revealing bikinis reign among the most unusual. This time we will focus on transparent swimwear. Thanks to them, any man on the beach will be able to see certain parts of the girl's body. Of course, the designers abandoned the transparent oilcloth. A special fabric was used, which shines a little. It is difficult for moralists to deal with such a revealing bikini. After all, all the formalities are essentially met. The woman is dressed, her private parts are chastely covered. Only the fabric is "special" ... It is not surprising that on the beach men will forget about their spouses and children and stare at the owner of such a transparent swimsuit. The appearance in it will become truly spectacular.

Bikini with jewels. Such unusual bikinis are on display in magazines for the wealthy and at the jewelry exhibition. The total cost of a swimsuit can be as high as $ 25 million. Of course, in this case, it is difficult to talk about any practical benefits. After all, not every millionaire can afford such an extreme. Even if he decides to surprise his beloved with a bikini with jewelry, then most likely the outfit will not completely consist of them, but only partially decorated. On its most prominent and remarkable places, precious or semi-precious stones can be sewn. Their number and size depends only on the thickness of the buyer's wallet. In such a swimsuit, you will not be able to shine in the sun like the owner of a bikini worth millions. But the girl will surely become the most richly dressed and remarkable in her circle.

Bikini with c-string. It is clear that such a thong for bathing and even tanning is poorly designed. Nevertheless, brave women may decide to appear in such an outfit in a crowded place. Any means can be used to gain male attention. And unusual bikinis are perfect for this. C-thongs are a new type of underwear that has no side bands at all. The structure is kept on the body only thanks to the built-in wires. They seem to squeeze the body easily from the front and back. The wire is covered with silicone on top, and to make the body pleasant, there is also a soft fabric on top. It is necessary to stretch the structure, attach these thongs to the body and release. These panties fit well and do not interfere with movement. At least that's what the manufacturers say. These bikinis look quite original in the photo. But in order to understand whether they are really comfortable in them and whether they will not subside, it is better to try it yourself. The price from the official manufacturer ranges from $ 50 to $ 100, copies will cost several times cheaper. At the same time, there are many sizes and colors that can satisfy the needs of any girl. Where to wear such a thong? First of all, we must mention the tight-fitting dress. For a woman with a good figure there is a problem - underwear under such clothes puffs up, and even the thinnest straps protrude. As a result, the smoothness of the lines is no longer so expressive. So for a perfect look, such an unusual bikini is perfect. After all, his secret is a secret method of attachment to the body.

Inflatable bikini. At first glance, such a swimsuit looks not only unusual, but even strange and stupid. Nevertheless, he has a pretty practical idea. An inflatable bikini has two important purposes. First of all - not to let the inept girl drown. Well, the fact that the owner's forms will become much more magnificent is also quite pleasant. With the right size selection, the artificiality of the breast in a bikini will be invisible, but the ability to swim will greatly increase. Therefore, it is quite clear that such a swimsuit rightfully takes its place in the list of the most unusual. Even if this idea seems too ridiculous, you can buy only the upper part of the swimsuit with inflatable inserts. The air there will make the shapes rounded and will surely attract the attention of those who like ladies in the body.

Bikini with exercise. In our high-tech age, even swimwear can surprise with unusual properties. There are fancy bikinis on sale that are completely covered in solar panels. What to do with the accumulated energy? At the bottom there is a special connector through which you can connect any device to your swimsuit. This is precisely the idea of ​​the creators of such a device - you can be in nature for as long as you like, sunbathing and at the same time continue to use your favorite gadget without fear of discharging it. A swimsuit will give you the opportunity to play, listen to music and even watch a movie. Until the sun goes down, you can read it by recharging the reader. This bikini is extremely practical. But there is a drawback - large and hard plates will not allow you to lie comfortably. And the whole structure looks rather angular and clumsy. But it is unusual and practical.

Bikini with a tattoo. It turns out that a bikini can not only cover parts of the body, but also make tattoos in parallel. Do not be afraid, they are not forever. After all, it is not the master's needle that leaves its marks on the body, but the sun. And the idea in this case is quite simple, even primitive. A curly hole is cut in a swimsuit, usually it resembles a heart. The girl is in nature, sunbathes or bathes, and at this time, through the neckline, the skin tan. At the same time, what is under the swimsuit remains white. But one has only to take off the bikini, as it turns out that a solar "tattoo" appeared on the body. In this place, the body sunbathed, as in the rest, open parts. Such an unusual drawing can please a loved one. After all, leather decoration is not only unusual, but also natural. At the same time, the tanning tattoo will come off over time, so that even a bad experience will not become irreparable. But only the closest person will be able to rejoice at such a drawing, because you cannot show these places to anyone.

Air bubble bikini. Such a set will be acquired by a girl in love who is ready to do anything for the sake of her chosen one. Ironing a woman's body is a great pleasure in itself, but who doesn't like to burst bubbles in the packaging film? All of this is certainly calming. The creators of this swimsuit decided to combine these two pleasures. If the softness of the female body does not allow you to relax, then you can at least remember your childhood and burst bubbles on your beloved's swimsuit. At the same time, the designers have created several colors and types of such a swimsuit. It is available as a fully transparent bikini, created from some bubbles, or with bubbles sewn directly onto the fabric. Only such a swimsuit can be disposable. After all, what to do with it after a session of soothing bubble bursting? But the original idea is worth noting.

Swimsuit with an ultraviolet detector. More and more often you can find information about the harmful effects of the sun on the skin. They say that the star is simply killing us. The increase in the number of skin diseases has led to the fact that it is necessary to limit the stay on the beach. Just how to force yourself to leave the beach at the right time? The fact is that the sun is hiding behind the clouds, then it shines again. How to calculate the amount of received ultraviolet radiation. Unusual swimwear equipped with special sensors will be able to help with this. There is another, simpler option. Bikinis can be decorated with special plastic inserts that change their color depending on the dose of ultraviolet radiation received. But the most difficult complex is the one that shows its owner numerical data about the environment. A special dial is attached to the woman's belt. He also shows the dose of ultraviolet radiation received by a person. At the same time, they tried to make the display as stylish as possible. The very sophisticated technological swimsuit is similar to those worn by the girlfriends of James Bond. So bikinis can not only surprise, but also help to monitor your health.

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