Technical merphology

Technical merphology

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Baker's rule

Inanimate objects can be scientifically classified into the following three main categories: those that have never worked; those that are out of order; finally, those that are lost.

Rourke's rule

Never go into battle with an inanimate object.

Ralph's observations

You make the mistake of letting any mechanical object know that you are in a hurry.

Polaki's Law of Mechanics

After spending 45 minutes on the repair, you discover how it was possible to do it in 5 minutes.

Thomas Edinson's observations

Most people miss the opportunity because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.

Lee's Law for Electrical Equipment Repair

The simpler it looks, the more problems it hides.

The "BetaMax" principle formulated by Endo

If there are two competing and incompatible technologies in the marketplace, the worst one will dominate.

Gurhan's law

The degree of technical competence is inversely proportional to the level of management.

Axiom Makowley

If a certain system is complex enough, then it will be manufactured before it is designed, implemented before it is tested, and it will become outdated before it is debugged.

System development stages

1. Furious enthusiasm.

2. Disillusionment.

3. Complete confusion.

4. Search for those responsible.

5. Punishment of the innocent.

6. Bonuses to those uninvolved.

Arnold's laws on technical documentation

1. If it should exist, then it was not made.

2. If it exists, it is outdated.

3. The first two laws do not apply only to useless documentation.

Ackerman's law for the tool box

The one oversized nut, bolt, or screw that you saw every time you opened your toolbox will disappear on the very day the job calls for that particular size.

Morris paradox for assembly

If you assembled everything correctly the first time, then you will definitely find something that you should have done before proceeding with the assembly.

The principle of unnecessary detail

You will never understand what an extra part is for until you throw it away.

Randy's rule

A ton of anything looks unattractive at best.

The second law for any job

If you need to screw four bolts, then you can always find only three suitable nuts.

Soul's Law

When securing something with a few bolts, never tighten any of them until everything is in place.

Cole's comment

Every new project requires a tool that you don't have.

Henry Thoreau's observations

People have become instruments of their own instruments.

Kejel's Law

Anything that can be regulated will ultimately need to be adjusted.

Rules for any machines and mechanisms

1. Nothing will work after taking it apart and then reassembling it.

2. The last turn of any bolt or nut will rip the threads on them or cause them to burst.


Without this last turn, the specified bolt or nut will fall off.

Maxima Campbell

Hell is a place where everything is perfectly tested and nothing works.

The fifth law of design

The weak points of any project like to gather in groups.

Sloan's Law

Changes to new models must be attractive enough to generate customer dissatisfaction with past models.

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