Male Swiss names

Male Swiss names

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Anthony is invaluable

Balderick - ruler, prince
Baltzel - Prince of Bel
Balz - Prince of Bel
Bartholomew - son of a plowman, or son of Tolmey
Bartley - the son of a plowman, or the son of Tolmey
Bastia - venerable
Bastiali - venerable
Beyali - the goodness of the Lord
Benzel - Blessed
Benzley - Blessed
Bish the Baptist
Bishley - the baptist
Bopp - substitute, deputy

Watli is a powerful warrior
Wilhelm is a strong-willed defender
Ville is a strong-willed defender

Gabeler is a man of God

Yocheli - created by Jehovah
Yok - substitute, deputy
Yogi - substitute, substitute
Yoggeli - substitute, deputy
Johan - Jehovah's gift, grace
Yost - athletic, athletic
Yostley - athletic, athletic

Karl - man, man
Klaus is the winner of nations
Christa is a Christian
Christoffel - Christ Carrier
Cross - Christian
Christeli - Christian
Crestoffel - Christ Carrier
Christianus - Christian, follower of Christ
Christophe is the bearer of Christ
Conradus - Counselor

Lenz - laurel tree
Lierte - strong as a lion
Lioba - love
Lori - laurel tree

Marty - associated with Mars
Martili - associated with Mars
Matthias is a gift from God
Mies - created by Jehovah

Orsh - bear
Ours - bear

Peleus - sea
Poly - marine

Ruedeli - the famous wolf
Ruedi - the famous wolf

Sameli - hears of God
Sammel - Hearing God
Sipp - addition
Sippley - addition
Stephen - crown
Stoffel - Christ Carrier

The goodness of the Lord is Thee
Tebos - the goodness of the Lord
Yew - a gift from God
Tisli - a gift from God
Tobis - the goodness of the Lord
Toveli - beloved

Uli is a noble ruler
Ulrich is a noble ruler
Waley is a noble ruler

Fredley is a peaceful ruler
Fridley is a peaceful ruler

Hake - ax or horror
Hackel - Ax or Horror
Khan - Jehovah's Gift, Grace
Hunsley - Jehovah's Gift, Grace
Hasli - a gift Jehovah, grace

Chuedli - Counselor

Enz - laurel
Enzali - laurel

Yagli - substitute, deputy

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