The smallest houses

The smallest houses

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There are more and more people on the planet. A person is not ready to master extreme wastelands, striving to live in already overcrowded megacities, closer to the benefits of civilization.

As a result, two tendencies are observed in the construction of housing - to build higher and higher and to save space. In an effort to be as small as possible, some make their homes and dwellings surprisingly tiny.

Lots of combinations on 30 squares. Architect Gary Chang could not be content with his modest 30 square meter home. He inherited this apartment. The Hong Kong resident has managed to transform his home. Now it can be transformed into 24 different room options - kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms. There is even the possibility of creating guest bedrooms. To achieve this effect, Chang placed several panels on the guides. They can be easily moved around the apartment, changing its configuration before our eyes.

Two-story babies. Canadian company Twelve Cubed began to manufacture 26-square-foot houses in a factory way. The area seems to be rather big, but the dwelling is located on two floors. Each such building has space for a bedroom with a bed, a kitchen with a table and some more space for normal life. So there is even a place to walk and think about something of your own. The manufacturer assures that even a washing machine, dishwasher and dryer can be placed in the house if desired. The Canadian company plans to involve the municipality in the implementation of the project, because such housing is an excellent budget option.

Housing in an abandoned dovecote. A classic story - a young man comes to a big city and cannot find affordable housing for himself. This is exactly what happened with the photographer Christian Schallert, who came to Barcelona in 2003. The ideal accommodation was eventually found, and even in the very center. True, the house is located on the roof of one of the buildings. An abandoned dovecote with an area of ​​24 m² became the photographer's new apartment. For a long time the premises were dirty and not used by anyone. Schallert made repairs there, and this place was transformed, it became cozy and warm. Behind the sliding panels was the kitchen, dining room and bathroom. The bed can be pushed under the balcony, from where there is an excellent view of the central part of the Catalan capital.

Eco-friendly dorm replacement. For some reason, Elizabeth Tarnbal, a student at Yale University, refused to live in a hostel. In the end, she decided to create her own, alternative home. And it's okay that the area of ​​a small house is only 13 square meters. It is important that during its construction, materials obtained during processing were used, as well as various technologies that are safe for the environment. This has its own logic, because Elizabeth entered the Faculty of Ecology and Forestry.

House on wheels. Homes on wheels are no longer surprising. American Zach Griffin, along with his four friends, refused to rent or purchase expensive factory options. The guys took and built their own house with an area of ​​only 10.4 m². Friends decided to make a trip to the USA and Canada right in it, having covered 15 thousand kilometers. Since the trip will be long, the central part of the house is given over to a fold-out bed. However, there was also a place inside for a refrigerator, a small oven, and an electric generator. There is no shower in this house, friends wash in hostels and at gas stations.

Pure minimalism. On the outskirts of Seattle, spouses Chris and Melissa Tuck have built a house less than 10 square meters in size. Both of them were engaged in information technology, and at one point they decided to quit everything and start their lives from scratch. For this, a minimalistic style was chosen. The house turned out to be tiny, on 9.66 squares there were areas for sleeping and eating, a kitchen, a bathroom, a pantry and a miniature living room. Such a dwelling in Washington state is probably extra-budgetary - the couple hope to pay off for it in just a few years.

A profitable place. The owner of this house even manages to make money on it. But not at all by renting it - there are hardly any people willing to rent a dwelling with an area of ​​9.2 m². Dr. Mike Page of the University of Hertfordshire built a house called the Eco Cube. Inside there was a place for everything you need - a living room, a kitchen, a eating area, a toilet, a shower, a washing machine with a dryer and even a full bed. Most importantly, the home is equipped with solar panels. But England subsidizes those households that live off natural sources of food. As a result, the house can bring its owner up to a thousand pounds a year.

A nest in Manhattan. Who among Americans doesn't dream of living in Manhattan? When the writer Felicia Cohen was offered to buy housing in this prestigious area of ​​New York, she did not hesitate. Plus, the studio only cost $ 700. And even if its area is only 8.3 m². But around the life of one of the best cities in the world is in full swing. In such a small area, in addition to a bed and a workplace, there is a bathroom, a microwave oven and a small refrigerator. But it was not possible to squeeze the kitchen here, something had to be sacrificed.

House with a fireplace. Jay Schaefer is the founder of Tumbleweed Tiny House. She builds houses ranging from 6 to 80 square meters. Schaefer himself does not live in the smallest house, because real fireplaces are his passion. True, Jay's dwelling in California is still tiny - 8.2 m². This is where the fireplace will fit. Also in the house there is a kitchen with running water, a bed, a shower with a toilet. There are a lot of shelves in the house, all the walls are given to them.

Dear baby. Who said that the smaller the area, the lower the price for it? Dee Williams traveled to Guatemala, which radically changed her outlook. When a resident of Olympia, Washington, returned home, she sold her rather big 140 m² house. Instead, she moved into a dwelling with an area of ​​only 7.8 square meters. Such a house on wheels cost a woman dearly - 10 thousand dollars. But the "little house", as she called it, is cheap to maintain. And he settled down in the backyard of Diya's boyfriend's house - the owner does not need to pay rent.

London nest. This house in London confirmed the idea of ​​the high cost of such housing. The premises are located near the legendary Harrods store on Brompton Road. The room was put up for sale for a price of 145 thousand dollars, but more than ten buyers suddenly began to fight for this "kennel". As a result, the house was sold for 280 thousand dollars, isn't this a record per square meter of real estate?

English record holder. This "Dock House", located on the waterfront of Conwy, Wales, is officially the smallest in the UK. From the beginning of the 17th century until 1900, the house was residential, belonging to the Jones family. It all ended with the fact that the next owner, a fisherman, turned out to be tall and simply no longer fit in this dwelling. As a result, the house turned into a museum. It has enough visitors. All of them can be convinced that even in an area of ​​5.5 squares you can find space for a stove, a water tap, a bed and a large chest.

Chinese affordable housing. There are so many people in China that the authorities are concerned about the problem of decent accommodation. In Wuhan, the municipal government has decided to launch an affordable housing project. The project was launched with the division of an ordinary six-story building into 55 separate capsule rooms. Each of them has an area of ​​4.6 m². The entire space is simultaneously a bedroom, a kitchen, a living room, and a bathroom. And according to the authors of the project, two people should live here at once. Naturally, you cannot lure wealthy people here, such a house is intended for young people who have recently graduated from an educational institution and are in search of work.

Thin apartment. This room is fighting for the title of the thinnest. The apartment is located in Warsaw. In fact, this is an opening between two neighboring houses, whose width is 46 centimeters. The total area of ​​such a dwelling is 4.2 m². There are no windows in the apartment, the shower is located above the toilet. But there is a refrigerator, although its dimensions are so modest that only two bottles can fit there. But the house has a kitchen table with two chairs.

Chinese mobile home. The People's Architectural Bureau of China and the People's Bureau of Industrial Design are tirelessly thinking about solving the housing crisis in the most populous country in the world. The fruit of joint efforts is a mobile and foldable polypropylene house that can be squeezed with an accordion. And this dwelling is transported on a tricycle, which is very environmentally friendly. The house itself is modular, so no one bothers enthusiasts to connect several such dwellings together and live together for a while. Inside one module, with an area of ​​3 m², there was a place for a stove, a bath, a trash can and a water tank. The rest of the furniture has a universal purpose. So, the bed easily turns into a table, and the kitchen countertop - into a bench for sitting. So in the house you can either sit on a chair or stand at the table. The Chinese call for simplicity - why not eat while sitting on the floor?

A hut on wheels. Nevada hosts the Burning Man festival, which has earned the fame of one of the strangest in the world. Is it any wonder one of the weirdest houses was spotted here? Such a mobile home was created by designer Paul Elkins. His hut on wheels is both a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom. For a toilet, however, there was no place for 1.3 m². But it has its own small stove powered by solar panels.

The smallest house in the world. This creation belongs not to the Chinese, but to the German architect Van Bo Le-Menzel. Its area is only a square meter. You can only sit inside, a horizontal position can only be accepted theoretically. The creator says there is enough space in this house to eat and watch a movie. True, on the screen of a mobile phone or tablet. The creator called his project philosophical, because it makes you look differently at the very concept of "home". Surprisingly, public and private organizations are constantly trying to contact the architect. Everyone is interested in when the mass production of such a dwelling will begin?

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